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The average data science salary in India is Rs. 698,412. With less than a year of experience, an entry-level data scientist can make . The data science salary varies from location. For example data scientist salary uk and data scientist salary in us is different

Bangalore: Rs.984,488 per annum

Pune: Rs.725,146 per annum

Mumbai: Rs.788,789 per annum

Hyderabad: Rs.795,023 per annum

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Who is a Data Scientist and What do they do?

  • Data Scientist Salary in India

  • Skills Required for a Data Scientist

  • Data Scientists Job Roles

  • Data Scientists Responsibilities

  • Key Reasons to Become a Data Scientist

  • Data Scientist Salaries by Employer

  • Based on Location

  • Based On Skills

  • Data Scientist Salary Deciding Factors

  • Conclusion

  • FAQs

  • More

  • Jobs


To understand data science, we need to first understand.The science involved in the term data science.The question arises what is science? And how is it involved? We know this term science. Stood this term science? We already learned this as well in many subjects like computer science, Medical science.But we don't know Why these subjects are called that. The meaning involved here is.We understood this subject for example medical science so that we can build better equipment in the future, in the area of Medical science.Similarly. Data science is something like Why of data? In this field we will look up. What is the data? And what are the hidden insights in the data. And how can we explore the hidden insights available in the data to build up good business outcomes.

Data science is a field that combines domain information, editing skills, and mathematical knowledge to extract useful data from data. Machine learning algorithms used for numbers, text, images, video, audio, and other data to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems can produce tasks that often require human ingenuity. As a result, these programs generate information that analysts and business users can use to create meaningful sales.

This image describe what is data data in better graphical way
Data Science means

Capturing the data, extracting it from time to time, and inserting it into the system is the first step in the flow of data pipe science work. Data storage, data purification, data processing, data processing, and data structure are all included in the repair phase.

Following that, data processing is one of the foundations of data science. Data scientists are separated from the data engineers throughout the research and analysis of the data. Processes that generate useful data include data mining, data classification and aggregation, data modeling, and abstract data obtained from data.

The next step is data analysis, which is equally important. Data scientists work here in the field of verification and verification, duplication, predictive analysis, quality analysis, and document extraction, among other things. When done properly, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter data science in this category.

The data scientist shares the details during the final phase. Data perception, data reporting, the use of various business intelligence tools, and supporting organizations, policy makers, and others in making better decisions are all part of this.

Who is a Data Scientist and What do they do?

Data scientists discover and analyze large sets of formal and informal data. The work of a data scientist involves a combination of computer science, mathematics, and mathematics. They interpret the results of data analysis, processing, and modeling to create useful programs for businesses and other organizations.

Data scientists are analysts who use their technical knowledge and social science to identify patterns and handle data. They identify solutions to corporate difficulties by combining industry knowledge, content understanding, and established speculative doubts.

As a result, data scientists are a mix of computer scientists, mathematicians, and style commentators. The salaries of data scientists in India are among the highest due to high demand.

The work of a data scientist involves specifying complex, unstructured data from sources such as smart devices, social media feeds, and inaccurate emails on a website.

Data Science Salary in India

The average data scientist's salary is Rs.858,720 per year. With less than a year of experience, an entry level data scientist can make about 550,000 a year. Data scientists with experience of 1 to 4 years can expect to earn about $ 630,811 a year.

Average Data Scientist Salary in India
Average Data Scientist Salary

(Source - Payscale )

Skills Required for a Data Scientist

  • R, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive are examples of programming languages ​​required for Data Scientist.

  • Algorithms, math and machine learning are all important.

  • Domain knowledge and analytical skill.

  • Understood the problem easily and reach to the solution.

Data Scientists Job Roles

Data scientists work closely with business stakeholders to learn about their goals and how data can help them achieve goals. They create predictable algorithms and models to extract the data needed by the business, as well as to help analyze data and share results with peers. Along with R, Python has demonstrated its ability to filter data according to standard and special requirements. Python data technology programmers in India do the best for both software developers and DevOps software developers. The reason for this is that data collection, data processing, and data processing are becoming increasingly popular in today's world, as businesses need data to access market and customer data.

Data Scientists Responsibilities

  • Taking large amounts of formal and informal data and turning it into useful information.

  • Identifying data-analytics solutions that have great potential for business development.

  • Data analysis tools such as text analysis, machine reading, and in-depth reading are used to discover hidden patterns and trends.

  • Data purification and ensuring improved data efficiency and effectiveness.

  • The data view is used to communicate all the positive and positive comments of the company's participants.

Key Reasons to Become a Data Scientist

Growing Demand

One of the much needed 2021 jobs is data science. Data science and analysis is expected to employ more than 11 million people by 2026. India is the second largest source of data scientists' activities after the United States. One of the main reasons for the high salaries of data scientists in India is the high demand.

High-paying jobs with a wide range of responsibilities

Not only is there a great need for data scientists, but the types of jobs available are also numerous. Demand for data scientists is growing rapidly, and there is a serious shortage of supply. Due to a shortage of critical skills sets, there are a large number of vacant posts around the world. Due to the huge shortage of talent, this is a great time to get into the industry.

Increasing product quality

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have allowed businesses to personalize their products and improve client self-awareness. They thrive in every industry, from information technology to healthcare, and from e-commerce to marketing and sales. Because data is the company's most valuable asset, Data Scientists play a key role as trusted advisors and strategic management partners. They look for valuable information in the data that can help them improve their skills, determine their desired audience, and plan for future marketing and growth plans.

Evolving Field

Due to the growing demand for data worldwide, data science is rapidly evolving. Data scientists have a variety of skills that can help firms make better strategic decisions using data and information. They have a great opportunity to engage with data and testing to find the best solutions for organizations. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other new technologies such as Block chain, Edge Computing, Server less Computing, Digital Twins, and others that use a variety of processes and techniques within the industry. Data Science, it's just a program. a few of the exciting new fields are emerging in the industry.

Data Scientist Salaries by Employer

Employer is a major determinant of a data scientist's salary. While most employers follow industry trends and pay the existing market wage figures, if they prefer a candidate and need a data scientist, they will pay more than the normal wage.

Remember, there is also competition among employers to hire top data scientists and have a high-level team to take advantage of the increased value of data science and business analysis. Therefore, employers can increase wage rates. In the following image, check out the top data scientists employers and the salaries they pay

Employer paying salary to data scientists
Employer salary

Based on Location

Data Scientist salary based on location
Data Scientist salary based on location

Based On Skills

To get a job that pays well for this, you will need to have more than a Master's degree and know the languages ​​and tools used to manage data. Here are some additional AIM details:

  • Knowing R is the most important and most sought after technology, followed by Python. Python's salary in India is expected to be around 10.5 lakhs INR per year.

  • Artificial Intelligence information can help improve your overall performance. If you are a beginner in this field, Artificial Intelligence payments in India are not less than 5-6 lakhs INR.

Data Science salary Deciding Factors

There are still other factors affecting the salary of a data scientist in India. These factors may not be significant, but they still make a difference. These parameters are:

  • The industry in which you get a job. Data scientists are needed in some industries as they can make a difference in performance and performance.

  • The state of the country's economy also plays a role. If the economy is doing well, expect better wages and vice versa.

  • Management systems and certifications. Companies are looking for candidates who can move up to executives and these certificates earn a better salary.

  • Your previous salary statistics. You always earn more than your previous salary, so make sure you keep a good salary.

  • Your communication skills. During the interview, you will be asked how much you expect. Therefore, sharpen your negotiating skills to earn a good salary.


Despite the difficulties, data scientists are the most sought after professionals in the industry. As the data world grows at such a rapid pace, becoming an effective data scientist requires not only technical skills but also a complete understanding of business needs, collaboration with various stakeholders, and persuading business executives to act on the information provided.


How much can a data scientist earn in India?

In India, the average entry-level data scientist income is 511,468 rupees per annum for a recent graduate. A data scientist in their early career with 1-4 years of experience earns an average of Rs. 773,442 per year.

Are data scientists paid well in India?

Data scientists are one of the highest-paid employees of most companies. According to Analytics India Magazine research, around 1,400 data science professionals working in India make more than Rs 1 crore salary.

How much does a data scientist earn in India per month?

Data Scientist Salaries

Job title with salary
Job title with salary

What is a data scientist salary per month?

Average salary for a Data Scientist in India is 10.5 Lakhs per year (87.5k per month). Salary estimates are based on 11.4k salaries received from various Data Scientists across industries.

Who Earns More CA or data scientist?

As per a new report by TeamLease, a data scientist with experience of 5 years' can command anything above Rs 75 lakh per annum; whereas a CA with the same experience can only get Rs 8-15 lakh and Rs 5-8 lakh for engineer with the same experience.

Which job has highest salary?

Best Paying Jobs in India

  • Commercial Pilot.

  • Product Manager.

  • Investment Manager.

  • Management Consultant.

  • Business Manager.

  • Data Scientist.

  • Chartered Accountant.

  • Machine Learning Experts. Machine learning and artificial intelligence experts help companies make data-driven decisions, setting them up for greater success.

Is data science hard?

Because of the often technical requirements for Data Science jobs, it can be more challenging to learn than other fields in technology. Getting a firm handle on such a wide variety of languages and applications does present a rather steep learning curve.

Can a data scientist earn in crores?

Key Highlights. Around 1,400 data science professionals working in India are paid a salary of more than INR 1 Crore. ... More than two in five (40.8%) of these analytics professionals are MBA postgraduates. Almost four in five (79.0%) of these analytics professionals are employees with work experience greater than 15 years

What is the highest salary for data scientist?

The highest salary for a Data Scientist in India is ₹20,90,000 per year. What is the lowest salary for a Data Scientist in India? The lowest salary for a Data Scientist in India is ₹4,53,000 per year.

Can a fresher become data scientist?

With the advent of Data Science, industries are able to make careful data-driven decisions. ... No wonder there are so many data science openings for freshers. In order to become a full-fledged data scientist, you must be proficient in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Is data scientist a good career?

Data science expertise is highly sought-after because it leads to tangible and measurable business outcomes. As stated in Harvard Business Review, “Companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors

What is the future of data science in India?

India Inc is witnessing the rapid digitization of businesses and services, making it the second-largest hub for data science in the world. Analysts predict that the country will have more than 11 million job openings by 2026. In fact, since 2019, hiring in the data science industry has increased by 46%

Which country pays highest salary for data scientist?

  • United States.

  • Australia.

  • Israel.

  • Canada.

  • Germany.

  • Netherlands.

  • Japan.

  • United Kingdom.

Google Data Scientist salary India

The typical Google Data Scientist salary is ₹1,462,754 per year. Data Scientist salaries at Google can range from ₹298,816 - ₹7,551,664 per year.

Data Scientist salary per month in usa

The average salary for a Data Scientist is $74239 per year in United States.

Data Scientist salary in US for freshers

Despite a recent influx of early-career professionals, the median starting salary for a data scientist remains high at $95,000

Python Data Scientist salary in India

Python salary in India is expected to be around 10.2 lakhs INR per annum. When a Data Analyst has knowledge of both Big Data and Data Science, their income rises by 26%, compared to when they only have knowledge of one.

Data scientist salary in India? - quora

As per Glassdoor report, the salaries of data scientists in India range from ₹441k to ₹1,783k per annum with an average salary of ₹992k per annum ·


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