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We provide world-class services to our clients. We have subject matter experts in different verticals. Our experts have more than 10+ years of experience to support our customers. Customer happiness is the end goal of Analyticassets. We offer Data Science/AI training to corporates and college students at a reasonable cost. Interview preparation and job support is our key areas 

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Job Support

Technology is changing at a very high rate and it will often be very difficult for IT professionals to keep up with the pace due to their busy work schedule. These days companies expect a lot from work and the employee will have to meet his employer's expectations by delivering consistent results. But sometimes it will be difficult to meet the employer's expectations because of various unavoidable factors. So in order to help employees reduce the gap between expectation and delivery, we have introduced Work Support Online or you could call it Supporting IT Workers.

We assist IT professionals by providing them with Online Performance Support with 250+ technologies. If you have difficulty or need an expert to guide you to complete your project MaxMunus will be the right choice for you. Our expert technicians will contact you remotely to resolve your complex project needs in real time.

Our specialists are real-time professionals with extensive academic experience. They will not only help you solve your problem but also hold you in your hand to do it more effectively and in the future do it yourself.

Our services are very reliable and very affordable. We provide online job support from India to professionals in all 100 countries. Thanks to our reliable services we are trusted by our customers in many companies around the world.

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Oracle Technology

Cloud Technology



Software Development

We provide software development using SQL, PLSQL, Data Science and AI etc

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Interview Preparation

Job interviews always play an important role in a person's work and can sometimes be a source of frustration for many applicants.

As the job market becomes more and more competitive with the new technology from the picture, companies' expectations rise many times over for the candidate.

So in order to be able to speak in an interview only the technical knowledge on the subject is not enough, you need to deal with the stress, anxiety, time management and many things that come with the interview. Keeping this in mind we have introduced Mock Interview times. Fake conversations are like exercise sessions that build your ability to do well and boost your confidence.

The real purpose of a fake interview is to give you the opportunity to apply your interviewing skills in an environment similar to a real interview. Fake interviews give the interviewer the opportunity to practice and prepare for the interview.

We will connect job seekers with industry professionals to create fake online interview sessions. We help job seekers prepare for a real interview by giving them the opportunity to practice with real-time industry professionals in the fields they want.

Interviewers have experienced industry experts who sit on the interview panel and do interviews regularly and know that every interview can get the best out of you.

Our Advantage:

  • Live Mock Interview with Experienced industry professionals.

  • Interview Feedback

  • Flexible Timings

  • Environment similar to the actual interview

  • Will provide a Video Recording of your interview.